sabato 26 aprile 2014

Holiday-study in Britain: Exeter, Devon

So many years have passed, but when I let my mind wandering places and atmospheres lived in this travel, time distances disappear and I find myself in Devon, visiting enchanting places, studying with friends, so many years ago (and many kilos too...)
                                              Exeter, pub
It was 1 month of school,  1 month of english language immersion, but also 1 month of      hangouts in the hot and typical english atmospheres of the pub, 1 month with new friends from around the world, 1 month living together with Wen and Steve, so lovely and       careful hosts.

At the moment to decide the destination ...

venerdì 25 aprile 2014

Travel breakout

In the chaotic world where we live, in a society fighting every day to adapt to uncertainty, to insecurity, to an absolute loss of values. In this exhausting maelstrom of insecurities, there is always a way out ...
How many times coming back from a trip you felt reborn, infused with new energy, ready to face life with a different spirit? ...